Sunday, February 03, 2008

Enjoying The Grand Canyon South Rim Tour

The Grand Canyon South Rim tour is the most popular choice among tourists. After all, it's available all throughout the year. Many historical buildings are located at the South Rim. In 1932, Mary Colter built the Desert View Watchtower which offers you a rare view of the Canyon and the Colorado River.

Another highlight of the Grand Canyon South Rim tour is the Bright Angel Lodge. It is actually another design of Mary Colter in 1935. Only logs and stone were used to build this structure. There's also a small museum that honors Fred Harvey, one of the historic icons who helped in the development of the Canyon. If the mule ride is part of your Grand Canyon South Rim tour, then the Bright Angel Lodge is your best choice for lodging.

The mule rides of the Grand Canyon South Rim tour let you experience an adventure like no other. It's a challenging trip that offers many opportunities for you to enjoy many breathtaking views. There's a one-day ride that takes about seven hours to complete. It starts at the top of Bright Angel trail, goes to Indian Garden, then across Tonto Plateau to get to Plateau Point. From here, you'll be able to witness a great view of the Canyon and the Colorado River as well. It's also a good opportunity to take some pictures with your camera.

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