Thursday, August 31, 2006

Travel To Philippines

News Sun - . don't have to travel far." She graduated from the program in the spring and is currently a third grade bilingual teacher in Round Lake Area School District 116. In previous years Waukegan has recruited bilingual teachers in Spain and the Philippines to .Homegrown talent Program aims to alleviate shortage of bilingual .

MSN MoneyCentral - MANILA, Philippines (AP) - Nine executives of a shipping company that owns a tanker that sank and caused a massive oil spill in . Travel of people on the watch list are monitored. In some instances, they could be barred from leaving or entering the .Owners of Philippine Tanker on Watch List

Washington Post - . Yes, kidnapping occurs around the world and is particularly a threat in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Russia, the Philippines, and . Durham, N.C.: Friends of ours are moving to Brazil's capital for three years and we hope to visit them and travel the .PBS Wide Angle: 'Ransom City'

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